Two Classic Mini Gems for sale

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Technical specifications

Model:Classic Mini
Type:2 Door
Fuel Type:Gasoline with lead subsitute
Color:Vermillion Red Snap Dragon Yellow
Transmission:Manual And Automatic
Interior Color:Black And Grey
Engine:998 cc
Number of Cylinders:4
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Odie & Garfield
Up for sale are two of the finest British Mini's you will ever see. This is me and the wife's pride and joy which we will hate to depart with. Let me introduce you to Oldie and Garfield. First I would like to say if you are looking at the pics please do not mind the magnetic stuff it all comes off as you can see. We only did that for the bears and Packers game. We have had the both of them in our family since we left England in 2007.
THESE CARS HAVE NOT BEEN MODIFIED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, FROM ENGINE, TO PAINT NOR BODY. There are some things I did to help us get used to them but nothing that drops the value. Both have had speakers and CD' Players installed in the same spots, also upgraded all the black options to chrome and added the sport wheels. But by all the pics you can see I have all the original parts if you would like to put them back on. I also cleaned and painted the engine to make them look nicer , that is the only painting that was done to them. For those minis out there with all that fancy up tuning crap, eat your hearts out nothing touched on these all original babies. They both were sprayed with undercoat in 06 before I came back to the US. We have only taking them to 3 car shows in the last 7 years and between the 2 have probably put less than 25 miles on them, oh and by the way won at those shows as well. They never leave the garage and we really do not have time for them all they do is sit. Garfield has 20900 miles and Oldie has just over 25500. I can go on an on all day our babies still smell new inside if that sums it up. They both drive like they just came off the lot. Garfield 1981, Oldie 1979. We have all the necessary paperwork and titles for both cars.
ODIE- Cant say enough about this Number one STUNNER, She is by far the best in her class when it comes to yellow minis and has won every car show we have put her in. Her drive is exceptional and shifts like she just came off the showroom floor. Paint is in the best condition inside and out, floor panels and all. NO RUST on this car as you can see in the pictures. I can go on and on about her but you can see from the pics yourself, she speaks for herself.
GARFIELD- Now Garfield on the other hand is a different story me and My wife searched for months to find these cars but a long time for this one. We found this one from an old lady in London whose husband had passed away around 1985. It had sat in the garage for all that time until my wife found it for sale in 2005. I begged her for this one because it is a one of a kind MINI CITY. Lets just say we as yanks took it to car shows and the brits wondered where i found it and wanted to buy it. This car is in ridiculous good condition, it is a manual and smells brand new. It has the checkered seats and the single dial which is nice. It does have the minor ding which we bout like that because the story she gave us was heartfelt so I promised her that we would never modify them and we would always cherish it and he have, so I never wanted to have anyone touch it. If you see pictures saying SUNKIST that is because we we had this one first until we found the yellow one.
As you can see in the pictures me and the wife actual have 3 minis we parted the third one out but did not ship the shell. We had to part it out in England simply because it was newer then allowed and modifications would of had to been made to the car. I believe it was a 1993 and was running up until the point we dismantled it. The extra engine in the picture is from that car. I can be here for days on explaining to all of you how many parts we have. Just to sum it up there is not one part, except for doors on any of these mini's that we do not have. Before we left we put an extreme amount of money into new parts as well as the old. From filters to wheels, pumps. tires. bumpers, seats, bonnets, fuses, ignition coils, brakes, frames, bushings, wiper blades, trimming, manual engine, muffler, front subframe, windows, panels, ect. I cannot name them all, you just have to look at the pictures for yourself.
To sum this up. We really love these cars and are pretty sure that you will not find any original ones like these even on mini mania. We have had them for some time and seen tons on ebay for prices like $35,000 for some restored painted and souped up modified go fast mini. I have nothing against all that but there are people in this world who just want simplicity and beauty without all the crazy money to make it look pretty and fancy but took away the natural look and beauty of the car. We are only selling them because I am close to retirement and would love to be debt free and we also have a little one but cannot really enjoy them with her. When we take them places we really like to take them both and that is rare. We would like to see them go to a great owner, Not like it is any of my business but if you want my cars for any reason than to put 100k into them and make some money and show pony them please don't bid. Id rather keep them for the rest of my life. These cars mean a lot to us like I mentioned before, they have sentimental value to us.
If you have any questions about them please don't hesitate to email and ask. Like i mentioned earlier. WE ARE NOT PARTING THIS STUFF. IT IS ALL GOING TOGETHER.
I am not saying if you really need something and someone only wants one of the 2 the price has to be right, but if you email me about a door knob you might not get a reply.
THE OTHER CATCH IS THIS. This will be a local pickup only, it took me hours to get this all unpacked and there is no way i am shipping all this. If you have a way to calculate this or send a UShip or something be my guest but I am not shipping 2 minis and parts.

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